[l2h] Double-spacing command in a .tex file worked in a .dvi file using LaTeX 2e, but not in a .html file using LaTeX2HTML 1.70.

Pat Somerville l_pat_s at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 31 03:45:04 CEST 2010

Thanks, Dr. Finn Aarup Nielsen, for kindly taking the time to reply to me.
I have been using the following form of a latex2html command for probably at
least two years, at first for English text containing mathematics and more
recently for one example of simplified-Chinese text containing mathematics:

latex2html -nonavigation -no_math -html_version 3.2,math -split 0

in which MyLaTeXFile.tex is just a fictitious file name used here for
illustration.  I found that the above command does contain the -no_math
option that you mentioned.  Using \usepackage{CJKutf8}, \usepackage{pinyin},
and numerous CJK segments each beginning with \begin{CJK}{UTF8}{gbsn} and
ending with \end{CJK} and containing simplified-Chinese characters, English
text, and/or mathematics, the LaTeX2HTML-transformed contents of each such
segment ended up in a single .png (Portable Network Graphics), image
file.--Instead in the .tex file using \usepackage{CJK}, \usepackage{pinyin},
and several \begin{CJK}{GB}{gbsn} and \end{CJK} commands, the .png images
tended to be smaller in size and more numerous; however, pinyin (Chinese
pronunuciation system using Roman letters and numbers) within the CJK
segments, for example "\Wo3 \xi3\huan1 \chi1 \fan4.", were so far not 
properly by LaTeX2HTML in the output, .html file, something with which I
deal in another one of my e-mail letters to the TeX Users Group (TUG).


From: "Finn Aarup Nielsen" <fn at imm.dtu.dk>
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010 10:58 AM
To: "Pat Somerville" <l_pat_s at hotmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [l2h] Double-spacing command in a .tex file worked in a .dvi
file using LaTeX 2e, but not in a .html file using LaTeX2HTML 1.70.

> Dear Pat,
> On Thu, 19 Aug 2010, Pat Somerville wrote:
>> But this same sort of thing did not work in the .css file corresponding
>> to a
>> .tex file containing simplified-Chinese text and the commands
>> \usepackage{CJKutf8} plus one or more pairs of \begin{CJK}{UTF8}{gbsn}
>> and
>> \end{CJK} commands.  I think the reason is likely because each one of the
>> CJK segments of text corresponding to each one of those pairs of CJK
>> commands resulted in LaTeX2HTML producing a .png (Portable Network
>> Graphics)
>> image file.  I suppose that those already-generated .png files are then
>> like
>> "locked boxes" to the .css file such that the contents of those .png
>> files
>> cannot be altered at that point in time by a "body{line-height: 2;}"
>> command
>> in the .css file.
> CSS should have no effect on the content of the generated image files.
> What is in the PNG files is based on Latex.
> For mathematical expressions in Latex you can give -no_math parameter to
> tell latex2html that you do not want to generate images for mathematics
> but instead try to convert it to text if possible. I do not know if
> something similar is possible for CJK package.
> To generate PDF you should also be able to do this directly:
> pdflatex DiscussionOfMatricesAll.tex
> regards
> Finn
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