[l2h] Some bitmapped images produced by latex2html contain solid edge at the bottom of the image

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Wed Nov 18 05:17:52 CET 2009


I found that the following setting ELIMINATED all the cropping bars from the 
math bitmapped images produced


In general, the higher $MATH_SCALE_FACTOR , the less the number of these 
bars. at 1.8, I do not see any. Please see this output I generated using the 
above settings


and click on the link that says HTML generated by latex2html. You see there 
are no more bars !

May be the above will give some l2h expert a hint where the problem could 

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>>> I think your problem is similar to:
>>> [l2h] cropping bars --- problem persists :(
>>> http://tug.org/mailman/htdig/latex2html/2003-February/002205.html
> I have find an interesting observation which can give clue to some l2h 
> expert where the problem is.
> The number of those bars at the edge of bitmapped images is strongly 
> correlated to the setting of the following 2 paramters on the l2hconf file
> In particular, by fixing $MATH_SCALE_FACTOR = 1.6,  and changing the 
> $DISP_SCALE_FACTOR, I get different number of edge bar show up in the html 
> I am working on as following (everything else is constant)
> $DISP_SCALE_FACTOR=1.2,  number of bars =5
> $DISP_SCALE_FACTOR=1.3,  number of bars =13
> $DISP_SCALE_FACTOR=1.1,  number of bars =64
> I also get different number of bars show up when I change 
> MATH_SCALE_FACTOR from 1.6 to say 1.5
> The least amount of bars I have found so far (but I did not try much more, 
> getting tired of this) is
> So, hopefully this gives someone clue to where the problem is. It is 
> clearly in the image conversion/generation process.
> And btw, where the bars show up, is random. i.e. when 
> $DISP_SCALE_FACTOR=1.2 those 5 bars that showed up in that case, not all 
> of them show up again when $DISP_SCALE_FACTOR=1.3.
> Thank you,
> --Nasser

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