[l2h] cannot request no stylesheet

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Thu Nov 12 04:06:26 CET 2009


I was trying to find a way to tell l2h to use my own style sheet.

Then I read this from 2002.

But when I tried to see if the fix, described below, is actually in, I found 
it is _not_.

I type

latex2html -style ""  foo.tex

but I find that l2h still creates a .css file. According to this below, it 
should not do this.

I am using

C:\latex2html -v
$* is no longer supported at C:\LATEX\latex2html\bin/latex2html.bat line 
This is LaTeX2HTML Version 2008 (1.71)
by Nikos Drakos, Computer Based Learning Unit, University of Leeds.

Are there different version of l2h out there?  which is the _current_ 
version of l2h??

On a side question, how does one tell l2h to use my own stylesheet file? I 
do not see a $STYLESHEET variable in my l2hconf file, and the -style option 
does not seem to work, as anything I pass it, is not being picked up.

This below is from the l2h email archive:

"Ross Moore
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 04:02:44 -0700
> Specifying -style "" on the command line (that is, an empty style)
> fails turn off using a style sheet.  This simple fix to the test in
> latex2html 2002 (1.63) corrects that:

OK; that's a nice simple fix.
The repository has it now, so it should be available
by tomorrow.


                Ross Moore

> --- latex2html-2002/latex2html.pin    Sun Mar 31 00:15:01 2002
> +++ latex2html.pin    Sun Apr  7 16:35:23 2002
> @@ -7057,7 +7057,7 @@ sub make_head_and_body {
>      }
>      $DTDcomment .= ($PUBLIC_REF ? "\n  \"".$PUBLIC_REF.'"' : '' ) . 
> '>'."\n";
>  -    $STYLESHEET = $FILE.".css" unless $STYLESHEET;
> +    $STYLESHEET = $FILE.".css" unless defined($STYLESHEET);
>  my ($this_charset) = $charset;
>      if ($USE_UTF) { $charset = $utf8_str; $NO_UTF = ''; }
> _______________________________________________



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