[l2h] Improved images in LaTeX2html

Jean-Pierre Chretien Jean-Pierre.Chretien at cert.fr
Wed Sep 6 11:37:23 CEST 2006

>>From: "Sergej V. Znamenskij" <svz at latex.pereslavl.ru>
>>To: latex2html at tug.org
>>Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2006 15:00:48 +0400
>>Subject: [l2h] Improved images in LaTeX2html
>>Dear latex2html friends!
>>I have done some useful (AFAICS) changes to latex2html code: 
>>   * dvips+ImageMagick is replaced to dvipnd
                                             ^ I guess you mean dvipng
>>   * Formula positioning was corrected: try
>>	http://u.pereslavl.ru/~googlecode/explorer
>>   or
>>	http://u.pereslavl.ru/~googlecode/mozilla
>>   depending on the browser you use to see difference in output;

I get it wrong with Firefox 1.5
is perfect with it.
Improvement with Mozilla 1.7.2 is significant, but a more
recent version of Mozilla must have the same behaviour as Firefox 1.5.

This is not surprising as Firefox corrected the wrong behaviour installed by
Explorer and Mozilla about the interpretation of the ALIGN = "MIDDLE" directive,
see http://www.danielclemente.com/linux/l2h.html
So if you introduced a target-dependent modification of the code, I suggest that
you do nothing for tyhe mozilla family.


Thank you for your contribution.


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