[l2h] Improved images in LaTeX2html

Sergej V. Znamenskij svz at latex.pereslavl.ru
Sun Sep 3 13:00:48 CEST 2006

Dear latex2html friends!

I have done some useful (AFAICS) changes to latex2html code: 
   * dvips+ImageMagick is replaced to dvipnd, translation became very 
   fast if type1 fonts are installed;
   * Formula positioning was corrected: try
   depending on the browser you use to see difference in output;
   * Black boxes and rules will never mark formula with wrong LaTeX box 
   size information;
   * You can use non-white background now;
   * Cyrillic encodings koi8-r and cp1251 became also fully supported   
The screen html appearance was rather well tested on Debian linux. 

Debian users with tetex, netpbm and dvipng installed can test new
features: unpack in any place 
or the same
and run executable script in subdirectory test (no configuration needed)

I'd like to make new features available for public usage, but do not
know the right way to go. I probably have no resources to keep supported
printing, thumbnails, or to test dos or windows distributions.  

Help, please! Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Sergej Znamenskij

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