[l2h] eps figures and TeX4ht

giovanni gherdovich g_gherdovich at yahoo.it
Sat Sep 9 12:48:07 CEST 2006


I don't know if I'm posting my question on the right
place: I'm trying to convert from LaTeX to HTML using
TeX4ht. If I'm wrong, please suggest me the right

I didn't managed to put figures in TeXrht html
documents, actually it doesn't recognise my eps
figures at all: it just put a poor label "PIC"
instead of my figure.

Any way, I'd like to obtain the psfrag replacements

I attached a minimal example that didn't work on my
system: I compiled it with the command

mzlatex test.tex "xhtml,mathml-"

Everything is ok but the figure.
Can you make it work?

Thank you in advance.

Giovanni Gherdovich

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