[l2h] Indic-TeX/HTML

Bob Hueckstedt rah2k at virginia.edu
Sat Feb 18 16:44:04 CET 2006

Having successfully installed LaTeX2HTML on my office machine running 
XP, I have tried to do the exact same thing on my home machine, running 
Windows 2000 service pack 4. Unfortunately, there is a difference.

Here are the changes I've made with the help of Ross Moore for the XP 

in devnagri.perl line 116 I comment out the Unix command mv and 
uncomment the DOS command "rename".

in devanagri.perl lines 178 and 216 read:

	"$RENAME ${PREFIX}images.pre ${PREFIX}images.dn\r\n";

and in latex2html.bat the "while" loop at lines 3769-3775 reads:

	while (@cmds) {
         $this_cmd = shift @cmds; last unless ($this_cmd);
         $this_cmd =~ s/.pre /.tex$cnt / if(($cnt)&&($cnt < $num_cmds));
         $cnt--; $this_cmd .= $cnt if ($cnt);
         $preprocessor_cmds .= $this_cmd."\n";

In devnagri.perl I have also used that same line without the \r, and it 
works just fine in the XP installation. Also, for the .bat file's 
"while" loop I've also used the following (without the line break in the 
fourth line) without any problem:

	while (@cmds) {
          $this_cmd = shift @cmds; last unless ($this_cmd);
          $num_cmds-- if (this_cmd =~ /rename/i );
          $this_cmd =~ s/.pre /.tex$cnt / if(($cnt)&&($cnt <  $num_cmds));
          $cnt--;   $this_cmd .= $cnt if ($cnt);
          $preprocessor_cmds .= $this_cmd."\n";

The above in XP gives a preproc file that always reads:

	rename images.pre images.dn
	devnag images.dn images.tex

That allows for the production of the images, and all is well.

In 2000, however, with the exact same setup, the preproc file reads
	rename images.pre images.dn1
	devnag images.dn images.tex

Due to that "1" the preprocessor is unable to work on images.dn (it not 
existing), and therefore the .dn file cannot be transformed into the 
correct .tex and subsequently .html file.

Where does this "1" come from and how do I prevent it from appearing in 
the preproc file?

Bob Hueckstedt

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