[l2h] eqnarray still not right

John Blackburn John.Blackburn at npl.co.uk
Thu Nov 3 11:42:53 CET 2005

When processing \eqnarray environments, l2h right justifies the equations to near the center of the screen using the WIDTH="50%" HTML tag (HTML version 4.0 onwards. In earlier versions, eqns are right justified to the right of the screen). However, this does not emulate the behaviour of latex. Latex right justifies the equations such that the longest equation is CENTERED on the screen (paper). To emulate this behaviour you would need to do a calculation to figure out what percentage for WIDTH is needed then use WIDTH= X %. It cannot simply be set to 50%.

The current behavour with 50% means that long equations will start near the left of the screen which is not consistent with \equation formulas which are centered. The result can be quite jarring.

Any chance of improving this? :-)

John Blackburn.

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