[l2h] cropping problems

Shigeharu TAKENO shige at iee.niit.ac.jp
Wed Nov 2 12:27:08 CET 2005

shige 11/02 2005

In article <200510312118.09975.paratribulations at free.fr>
Tribulations Parall?les wrote:

| By looking deeper into the problem, I saw that it is not really a black bar, 
| but a black bar, with under this black bar, another bar, this one beeing 
| white (or transparent if I set $TRANSPARENT FIGURES).

This may be the problem by -Ppdf option of dvips. Please try to 

 $DVIPSOPT = ' -E';

and remove "-Ppdf" of $DVIPSOPT in your l2hconf.pm.

Precisely, the file alt-rule.pro for dvips seems to make some 

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