[l2h] eepic with latex2html

Paul Jolly paul at myitcv.org.uk
Tue Feb 24 13:07:35 CET 2004

Paul Jolly wrote:

To reply to myself:

> I haven't been able to find any reference to this topic in the archives 
> so please excuse me if the answer is obvious.
> Consider the four attached files, test.tex, test.eepic, test.ps and 
> img1.png.
> The PS file output is the result of running the usual latex -> dvips 
> combination on test.tex. test.eepic has actually been created from 
> test.fig using fig2dev. test.fig was of course created using xfig. Using 
> makelatex (see my web pages) this process is made very efficient and 
> dependencies between test.fig and test.tex are maintained by the 
> generated Makefile. This is beside the point.
> The result of running latex2html (no options or switches) on test.tex 
> is, however, not as expected. In particular the png image generated to 
> represent the figure in test.tex (img1.png) is missing areas of the 
> original diagram. The original .fig diagram looks like this:


I receive the following output from latex2html:

Warning: No implementation found for package: epic
Warning: No implementation found for package: eepic.

A couple of questions:

1) is there an implementation on the cards?
2) how easy is it to write one?

Many thanks,

Department of Computing, Imperial College London

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