[l2h] eepic with latex2html

Paul Jolly paul at myitcv.org.uk
Sat Feb 21 13:37:32 CET 2004

Dear All,

I haven't been able to find any reference to this topic in the archives 
so please excuse me if the answer is obvious.

Consider the four attached files, test.tex, test.eepic, test.ps and 

The PS file output is the result of running the usual latex -> dvips 
combination on test.tex. test.eepic has actually been created from 
test.fig using fig2dev. test.fig was of course created using xfig. Using 
makelatex (see my web pages) this process is made very efficient and 
dependencies between test.fig and test.tex are maintained by the 
generated Makefile. This is beside the point.

The result of running latex2html (no options or switches) on test.tex 
is, however, not as expected. In particular the png image generated to 
represent the figure in test.tex (img1.png) is missing areas of the 
original diagram. The original .fig diagram looks like this:

|                                                        |
| Next line contains the macro              |
|    \Test                                             |

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be wrong?

Many thanks,

Department of Computing, Imperial College London
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  \reset at font\fontsize{#1}{#2pt}%
\put(67,337){\makebox(0,0)[lb]{{\smash{{\SetFigFont{10}{12.0}{\familydefault}{\mddefault}{\updefault}Next line contains the macro}}}}}
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