[l2h] changing to 24 bit color depth of images/ keeping existing jpg images?

Jorgen Johansson johansson_jorgen at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 09:51:27 CET 2004


I got rid of some of the problems with the image
processing my self:

Image conversion/scaling of images works fine on win
XP as long as:

1) The .tex  and the image files are on the same

2) one specifies relative paths i.e. without using the
drive letter in the  Latex include graphics command.

3) have a file extension in the include graphics

There is a very peculiar thing when the full path
including drive letter is used in the \includegraphics
command, e.g.


then the resulting image is not scaled but resized by
L2H to the size specified in the "image.bb" and
resized image is in grayscale, whereas as the original
was in color. 

In the case the tex source and the image files are on
separate partitions, maybe the variable $GRAPHICS_PATH
that could be set to take care of the problem?

see the previous mention thread on

appreciate any comments/suggestions


--- Jorgen Johansson <johansson_jorgen at yahoo.com>
> Dear L2H users/developers,
> Questions:
> Is there away to prevent L2H from converting to eps
> and then back to jpg format even when I want a
> scaled
> image? Does scaling the image has anything to do
> with
> this problem? 
> I would like color images with 24 bit color depth or
> at least more than 256.
> Details:
> I have been spending most of my day on L2H.
> First applying Shigeharu TAKENO's patch to L2H for
> it
> to work with JPG images (should anyone want know how
> I
> did it to get it to work, just mail me).
> It works but... 
> I can not get photos with good quality to remain in
> good quality.
> see also todays thread: "prevent image conversion
> .lyx
> -> .html by l2h" on "gmane.editors.lyx.general"
> news/mailing list.
> My jpg images comes out in 256 (shades?) grayscales.
> This image looks actually better than the color
> image
> with 256 color (obtained when exportin directly from
> LyX)  but I'd rather have an color image with 24 bit
> color depth.
> Any help appreciated,
> jorgen
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