[l2h] input files

Nadia Karlinsky karlinsky at illinoisalumni.org
Sat Feb 21 23:45:09 CET 2004


I'm running into the following problem: 

I run latex2html, and after the working directory is created, I get: 

"texexpand: Error: More than one input file specified. 
texexpand failed: No such file or directory" 

I read something about a bug with specifying more than one \input on a 
line, but I only have one \input in my source. Well, sort of... 

Specifically, I have foo.tex, which uses my_own_cls.cls 
(\documentclass[centered]{my_own_cls]). my_own_cls.cls specifies 
article.cls as an input file. 

I really appreciate any help. Thanks, 
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