[l2h] "Look up section Globbing in the troubleshooting manual."

Marcel Schmittfull marcel-sl at gmx.de
Sat Feb 21 17:56:18 CET 2004


I tried to translate the tex file
http://japtik.sf.net/latex2html/qq1b.tex to html by running
latex2html 2002-2-1 (1.71) on it. Unfortunately I encounter
the following error.

Reading ...
texexpand V2002-2-1 (Revision 1.12)
Unmatched ( in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/\\( <-- HERE ([\d\W]|$)/ at /usr/local/bin/latex2html line 5828.

Failed to read in document parts.
Look up section Globbing in the troubleshooting manual.

I didn't find anything about Globbing in the troubleshooting
chapter of the manual. Can you help me? Or are you able to
run latex2html correctly on
http://japtik.sf.net/latex2html/qq1b.tex ?

The whole output of my latex2html run is at

Thanks in advance
Quantencomputer Simulation http://jaquacs.sourceforge.net/
Quantenmechanik mit Java http://javapsi.sourceforge.net/
Optik mit Java http://www.schulphysik.de/japtik/

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