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Ross Moore ross at maths.mq.edu.au
Sun Feb 22 01:47:37 CET 2004

Hello Nadia,

On 22/02/2004, at 9:45 AM, Nadia Karlinsky wrote:

>  Hi--
>  I'm running into the following problem:
>  I run latex2html, and after the working directory is created, I get:
>  "texexpand: Error: More than one input file specified.
>  texexpand failed: No such file or directory"

What command-line did you use to call the LaTeX2HTML job ?
Do you a space character, or other unusual characters in the
name of the file, or a directory-path ?

>  I read something about a bug with specifying more than one \input on a
>  line, but I only have one \input in my source. Well, sort of...

Can you please post a URL where your source can be found, for 
inspection ?

>  Specifically, I have foo.tex, which uses my_own_cls.cls
>  (\documentclass[centered]{my_own_cls]). my_own_cls.cls specifies
                                       ^------ ?? typo? ??
>  article.cls as an input file.

Hmm. LaTeX2HTML will not know how to support your private class-file.
It should assume  article.cls .
However, any user-level macros that you define there will not be
understood by LaTeX2HTML.

You could try the following way to start your document:


That may help get over the problem with  texexpand .

>  I really appreciate any help. Thanks,

Please provide more info, as suggested above.

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

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