[l2h] Possible bug with \end{verbatim} (version 2002-2-1 1.70)

Ross Moore ross at maths.mq.edu.au
Sat Feb 21 00:37:24 CET 2004

Hello Tak Auyeung,

On 02/02/2004, at 8:48 PM, Tak Auyeung wrote:

> \end{verbatim} is interpreted correctly most of the time. The only one 
> case when it is broken is when there is a % symbol on a line, and 
> \end{verbatim} is on the same line. For example:
> \begin{verbatim}movl %eax,%edx\end{verbatim}

Use the LaTeX short form:   \verb|movl %eax,%edx|
for something short like this.
You really only need the longer form for multi-line content.

> causes all kinds of problems after it, but the following is okay:
> \begin{verbatim}movl %eax,%edx
> \end{verbatim}

With tricky environments such as {verbatim} {comment} {latexonly} etc.
LaTeX2HTML scans for the ending delimiter to be on a line by itself.

> Apparently, pdflatex and latex interprets the first case (with 
> \end{verbatim} on the same line) just fine.

Maybe, but it's poor visual style that makes your manuscript hard to 
and to detect the structure of the information within it.

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

> --Tak Auyeung
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