[l2h] Possible bug with \end{verbatim} (version 2002-2-1 1.70)

Tak Auyeung tauyeung at ieee.org
Mon Feb 2 10:48:40 CET 2004

\end{verbatim} is interpreted correctly most of the time. The only one 
case when it is broken is when there is a % symbol on a line, and 
\end{verbatim} is on the same line. For example:

\begin{verbatim}movl %eax,%edx\end{verbatim}

causes all kinds of problems after it, but the following is okay:

\begin{verbatim}movl %eax,%edx

Apparently, pdflatex and latex interprets the first case (with 
\end{verbatim} on the same line) just fine.

--Tak Auyeung

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