[l2h] problem with bibitem in thebibliography

Peter Morling pmorling at nat.sdu.dk
Mon Feb 2 14:53:37 CET 2004


i have a problem, the following (tex):


\bibitem{} Godambe, P.V. (1960). An optimum property of regular maximum
likelihood estimation. \emph{Ann. Math. Statist.} \textbf{81}, 1208--1212.
[Shows optimality of one-parameter score function.]

\bibitem{} Durbin (1960).

\bibitem{} Bhapkar, V.P. (1972). On a measure of efficiency in an estimating
equation. \emph{Sankhy\={a}} A \textbf{34}, 467--472.


will create the correct numbering in latex [1], [2] and [3] and you can use
cite to referer to each of them. But, after running L2H, each will be
numbered with [3]. What is the problem?


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