[l2h] Bugs

Philip G. Ratcliffe philipratcliffe at tiscali.it
Thu Feb 5 01:13:45 CET 2004

I have, I believe, two offerings of the creepy crawly type.

My OS: Windows 2000 Professional SP4

MiKTeX:       absolutely up-to-date as of now
GhostScript:  v8.13
Perl:         v5.8.0
netpbm:       v10.18.4

LaTe2html:    v2002-2-1

Bug 1

The configuration appears to want pnmfile.exe whereas the above version of
netpbm contains pnmfile (the same holds for certain other files).

Workaround: copy pnmfile to pnmfile.exe

Bug 2

Image file creation fails with

Generating postscript images using dvips ...
C:\TeX\texmf\miktex\bin\dvips -S1 -i  -Ppdf  -E -E -oC:\TEMP\l2h1692\image

 *** updating image cache

 *** removing unnecessary images ***

extracting tex2html_wrap_inline4 as 1#1
Converting image #1

IMAGE: tex2html_wrap_inline4
pstoimg.bat: Error: "C:\Programs\GnuWin32\bin\pnmtopng -interlace -trans
gray85 < C:\TEMP\l2h1692\p672.pnm > img1.png" failed:

Error while converting image

Workaround: remove line 1264 in pstoimg.bat (I've no idea why though)

      $trans_color = $TRANSPARENT_COLOR||'gray85';

Cheers,  Philip G. Ratcliffe

P.S.  latex2html-2K.1beta works straight off but leaves nasty black borders
around inlined images.

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