[l2h] Again trouble with images

Christoph Tornau ctornau at ct-webspace.de
Sat May 24 20:01:27 CEST 2003

Dear Jan, dear list,
thank you very much for your help (Dankeschön)

> > I ran latex2html with the option -noreuse . At the beginning the target
> > directory does not exist, so there are no images which can be reused.
> > latex2html starts to compile the images.tex file it says that there are
> > images to be converted.
> Please include the images as *.ps into the *tex-file. And run latex2html
> without -noreuse (please read the latex2html-manpage). I don't see the
> reason for the option -noreuse.

The images are currently included as *.eps files. Does it make a difference?
Some of these images are also converted very well (I had a look at them in
the HTML-files). I think this is not the problem. Is it?

> [..]
> You need  a lot of other software. Under Debian please install perl,
> fileutils, netpbm (the graphics conversion tools), gv, tetex-bin and
> perl-doc.
> Please visit http://packages.debian.org/testing/tex/latex2html.html.

I ran it on Mandrake Linux. Packages are all installed.

By the way, the file I want to convert is currently placed at
http://www.chemie.ct-webspace.de  (Sorry only in German) I converted it with
another Latex2Html converter. But I didn't worked out how to convert it to
more than one Html-File. So the Html-File is very huge. I think Latex2Html
is the best converter. Only the image problem remains.

> Greetings from Dresden/Germany
> Jan


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