[l2h] Again trouble with images

Jan Rakelmann JanRakelmann at web.de
Sat May 24 23:52:19 CEST 2003

 * Christoph Tornau wrote: 

Hello Cristoph,

> > > latex2html starts to compile the images.tex file it says that there are
> 721
> > > images to be converted.

Eventually you can split the document chapter by chapter and convert the
files only.

> The images are currently included as *.eps files. Does it make a difference?

No, it's ok.

> Some of these images are also converted very well (I had a look at them in
> the HTML-files). I think this is not the problem. Is it?

With Latex you can use a lot of ways, and I have often a problem with
heavy mathematicans descriptions. I think, the best way is to use simple

> But I didn't worked out how to convert it to
> more than one Html-File. So the Html-File is very huge.

You can use the option -split.

Greetings from Dresden/Germany

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