[l2h] no navigation on table of contents

João Borsoi Soares joao at intrasystems.com.br
Wed Jun 25 18:38:01 CEST 2003

Well, I guess I didn't give time for people to answer me. I just found
the answer I needed. For those how want to know, I mande a
.latex2html-init and put the following lines:

$frame_top_name = '_self';
$frame_main_name = '_self';
$frame_body_name = '_self';
$frame_foot_name = '_self';
$frame_toc_name = '_self';
$frame_idx_name = '_self';

Actually the generated documents doesn't work alone. But I could
successfully use the HTML in the dynamic generated files.


Em Qua, 2003-06-25 às 13:33, João Borsoi Soares escreveu:
> Hello all,
> I'm integrating l2h documents to my corporation project website. I'm
> planning to use the generated html as part of the dynamic pages
> generated by the website. 
> I want the website to work just like when you generate documents with
> frames in l2h, with the table of contents at the left and the documents
> at the right. But actually, I don't want to use frames.
> But I'm having troubles because, if I generate documents without frames,
> the table of contents page comes with the navigation panel, which I
> don't want.
> On the other hand, if I generate documents with frames the links comes
> with target defined, which I don't want also.
> Well, is there any way to force l2h not to put the top navigation only
> on table of contents page? Or, is there any way to remove target from
> links generated with frame option?
> Thanks,
> João.
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