[l2h] no navigation on table of contents

João Borsoi Soares joao at intrasystems.com.br
Wed Jun 25 17:33:52 CEST 2003

Hello all,

I'm integrating l2h documents to my corporation project website. I'm
planning to use the generated html as part of the dynamic pages
generated by the website. 

I want the website to work just like when you generate documents with
frames in l2h, with the table of contents at the left and the documents
at the right. But actually, I don't want to use frames.

But I'm having troubles because, if I generate documents without frames,
the table of contents page comes with the navigation panel, which I
don't want.

On the other hand, if I generate documents with frames the links comes
with target defined, which I don't want also.

Well, is there any way to force l2h not to put the top navigation only
on table of contents page? Or, is there any way to remove target from
links generated with frame option?


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