[l2h] Sections becoming single png images

gleibman at acedsl.com gleibman at acedsl.com
Mon Jun 23 02:36:10 CEST 2003

I'm trying to use latex2html on a math article in LaTeX that has
sections (see test case below).  But each section becomes a single png image
with an alt tag containing truncated text of the section.  So there is no way to
have links within each section.

What I am doing (as a test case) is

>latex test.tex
>latex2html test.tex
>cd test
>netscape test.html

whereupon I see the page with sections as single images.
The file test.tex consists of the following:


\title{Test Title
\author{George Leibman}
\date{12 June 2003}

\maketitle \markboth{Test Title
} {Test Title

A few lines to give an abstract of the article...

\begin{section}{Test Section One}
A few lines for test section one...............

\begin{section}{Test Section Two}
A few lines for test section two..............


Please help, if you can.  Thanks...

 George Leibman
 gleibman at acedsl.com

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