[l2h] Windows graphicx issue

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Mon Jun 23 01:09:15 CEST 2003

Murat>  As far as I know, the original latex2html (eg Version 2002-2- 1
Murat>  (1.70)) should be compatible with MikTeX and I have followed the
Murat>  instructions given on a dedicated web page for installing all
Murat>  components: (http://www.mayer.dial.pipex.com/l2h.htm). So I
Murat>  should not need Texlive.

You started by saying that :

Murat>  Hi, I am back to the joys of l2h under windows (XP personal)
Murat>  after having used it with success under Linux. I have
Murat>  installed some of the latest versions of L2H
Murat>  (latex2html-2K.1-win32.zip, latex2html-2002-2- win32.zip - by
Murat>  F Popineau and latex2html-2002-2-1.tar.gz from the website)
Murat>  and I have the following problem with all of them:

So I assumed that you had problems with my version precompiled for
texlive/fptex. If you are using Miktex, I can't help and my version
won't run in this environment.

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