[l2h] russification

Maksim A. Nikulin nikulin at gorodok.net
Wed Jul 30 13:13:41 CEST 2003

I propose a new russification scheme for LaTeX2HTML.

I found a variant of russification in the CVS part of the
download area at the web site
but there is no this file in the latex2html-2002-2-1 release. Anyway
I think an approach with hard coded koi8-r charset is imperfect. Also
that file don't recognize special symbols like '"---' -- cyrillic

I modified the versions/koi8.pl file to allow charset independent
commands like a \cyra and wrote new styles/russian.perl. Now the "about"
page content and all titles, etc. are defined via such commands.
Moreother significant part of commands from russianb.ldf (the babel
package) is supported: cyrillic counters \asbuk, mathematical functions
\sh, \tg and others (except \Prob, \nok, etc.), dashes and quote signs
("---, "<). It's simple to add new encoding now and I created the
cp1251.pl file (modification of koi8.pl). Of course there are several
lacks, for example N letter instead of number sign \No.

I attached an archive with the files and I hope their should improve

Maksim Nikulin

P.S. I have not subscribed to the mailing list yet so, please, cc me.

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