[l2h] problem converting unsupported characters

Koornstra, Reinoud (fin) Reinoud.Koornstra at ordina.nl
Thu Jul 31 13:53:11 CEST 2003


I am using some special encoding in my tex file for example \d{o} to make a
dot below the o.
Finally i created a $home/.latex2html-init and in there i placed
$ACCENT_IMAGES = 'texrm';
This remedied the imposibility to display these characters because it
converts them to an image.
However, suppose i have this word: or\d{o}cia
then, in the final html output the o with dot below is displayed very large.
What can i do to have the o with dot displayed in normal size?


ps could you also CC to this address, since i'm normally not subscribed to
the list,thanks.

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