[l2h] img placement problem (fwd)

Barry Dale barryd at mtechIT.com
Fri Jan 31 13:05:24 CET 2003

I attempted to post this earlier but got no reply, and I don't see it in
the archives, so apologies if its already been answered...

I use latex2html with a large  project on Linux, and am having
problems with the way it places images generated from math
environments in LaTeX. The images appear to be out of sync. To use a minimal
example, where I have $<$text$>$ in the source file, it is
producing |text< in the result.

I get this when I convert the project on my own machine. When my colleages
run it on the main company server, they get the expected result.

I am not a programmer, and know very little Perl, so apologies for my
ignorance. The technical experts at my company installed and configured
everything on my machine to mirror the company environment, and they are
stumped by this.

Thanks in advance.

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