[l2h] Re: latex2html Digest, Vol 2, Issue 15 (From Colombia)

Christophe Grandsire christophe.grandsire at free.fr
Fri Feb 21 15:33:51 CET 2003

En réponse à Alvaro Salas <asalash2002 at yahoo.com>:

> .Hi Cristopher !

It's "Christophe", I'm French :)) . But hi anyway :) .

> I received your message about latex2html installation on Windows ME. I
> don´t use Windows ME. Instead, I use Linux Red Hat 7.3, Windows 98
> (second Edition) and Windows XP.

98SE is close enough to ME that your experience would be useful.

 I installed latex2html on all these
> plataforms. It runs very well.

I which I could say so :(( .

 The equations it generates are
> transparent gifs without any gray background and without any boxes
> around them. Believe me, I spent about six months trying to install
> latex2html on windows.

Wow! I certainly don't want to spend so much time, especially since 
the "LaTeX2HTML with MikTeX" page seemed to imply that it was actually quite 

 If you consider I may help you then write me
> again.

Well, I'm sure your experience would be certainly useful for me (and maybe 
other people, I saw somebody on the list a week or two ago having the same 
problem, and IIRC nobody replied to him/her). If you could explain me the steps 
you had to use to get it working on your Windows 98SE, I'd be more than 
grateful! As I've explained on my first post, I'm blocked at running test.bat. 
It blocks the MS-DOS window I'm using...

Thanks in advance!



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