[l2h] Debian bugs

Roland Stigge stigge at antcom.de
Tue Dec 9 13:07:05 CET 2003


first, I want to thank everybody involved in our LaTeX2HTML integration
efforts for Debian and the licensing discussion. I'm maintaining the
Debian latex2html package now integrating it into the next Debian
release and we are looking forward to have LaTeX2HTML under a license
which we consider fulfilling the requirements of the Debian Free
Software Guidelines someday. Meanwhile, we will distribute the package
in a special section called "non-free" which doesn't mean that the
software is not free at all but there are some issues left. In this
list, we have discussed this in detail. No need to start it again.

But in our bug tracking system there are some issues left, most of which
disappeared at the latest with the 2002-2-1 version of LaTeX2HTML.
Nevertheless, some of them are possibly interesting for this list and I
intend to discuss them here one by another.

First, please have a look at

I can reproduce all of the described problems with LaTeX2HTML 2002-2-1.

Thanks in advance.

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