[l2h] Want to include LaTeX in an electronics forum

Steve Mayer mayer at dial.pipex.com
Mon Dec 8 00:15:56 CET 2003

> Hi all, I often visit www.elektroda.pl/eboard
> it's an electronics forum, and I wonder if there's a way to
> include LaTeX in the forum discussions.

> I think the forum executables is from a generic forum-sourcecode that
follows with
> Linux distributions.

> Could somebody who take a look and give an opinion on what I need to do ?

A couple of pointers you may wish to investigate:

1. The forum is based on phpBB which is open source and can be found at
www.phpbb.com. There is a development of a latex add-on for this forum at
http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=74918 .

2. http://www.cqf.info has Latex installed in that forum, but, for security
reasons the owner, is unable to say how it was implemented.

I would be interested if you make any headway with adding Latex to phpBB.


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