[l2h] Debian bugs

Jens Lehmann jens.lehmann at goldmail.de
Tue Dec 9 14:02:24 CET 2003

Roland Stigge wrote:
> Hi,
> first, I want to thank everybody involved in our LaTeX2HTML integration
> efforts for Debian and the licensing discussion. I'm maintaining the
> Debian latex2html package now integrating it into the next Debian
> release and we are looking forward to have LaTeX2HTML under a license
> which we consider fulfilling the requirements of the Debian Free
> Software Guidelines someday. 

I can't help with the specfic bug, but thanks for taking over the 
maintenance of this package and bringing the current version of 
latex2html to Debian. This is already a great step and discussing the 
open bugs here will help fixing some of them. Obviously you can close 
this one:


PS: Be prepared that once people realize that the bugs get actually 
fixed, they tend to submit more bug reports. ;-)

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