[l2h] image problems

Ross Moore ross@ics.mq.edu.au
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 08:41:07 +1100 (EST)

Hello Shawn

> Hello,
> I have found your program to be very easy to use and appreciate the time saver it is.  I am producing a manual for the Canadian Navy and I use LATEX.  Your program installed fine except for the BUILD.pl script that keeps determining that it can't find the GS version on my machine.  It is there version 5.05.  I have tried for 3 days to figure out waht is wrong?  The HTML is produced nicely, however, the latex math encoding and \include... scripts only appear with their proper source location etc .. There are links that are pointing t images, but they all point to "image.ps" and Netscape says it can't locate them?

Clearly the problem is with your installation not finding GS on your machine.
Was Ghostscript added after LaTeX2HTML was installed ?
What is the result of the command-line request for help about Ghostscript?
i.e.  gs -help  or  gs --help  or  gs -version   or whatever.

In any case, you can edit the file   prefs.pm   to give the location of the  gs  executable,
and the $GSLIB variable, to locate it's library files.  Then reinstall.

Alternatively edit  l2hconf.pm   and  pstoimg  to specify these paths; that way there's no need
to reinstall, however you will lose these edits if you do reinstall or upgrade.

Finally, you really should upgrade GS, to the most recent version 6 or 7.
These handle PostScript Type 1 fonts, which give a much nicer appearance than
the bitmapped fonts that you are probably using now.
I'd guess that your TeX installation also needs upgrading for this:
 look for the  TeXLive CDs at  www.tug.org  (TeX User Group)
which is pretty much the world standard TeX installation currently.
It has everything that you would want, including TeX installations for all platforms,
LaTeX2HTML and Ghostscript.

> Please can you offer any advice.  Also can you send your reply to a second address as well: oceano@psphalifax.ns.ca

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

> This will help me at home.
> Shawn
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