[l2h] Ask about netpbm

OOO S. ooosawaddee3@hotmail.com
Tue, 05 Feb 2002 11:56:52 +0700


I want to ask you  some question. My C.file use function pbm_readpbm
,pbm_init and pbm_freearray . I use visual C++ compile my c.file and I can 
compile it  but when I
want to build  .exe  file there are  message error  "Unresolve external
symbol pbm_readpbm ,pbm_freearray and pbm_init". I think that error cause by
header file(pbm.h and pmbplus.h)  had define this function  but does not
have function body. I think I might  solve my problem by add netpbm 
*libraries* to my C file . I use win32 system but netpbm be created  by 
other system . If you know how to add netpbm to my project , please tell me.

Thank you

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