[l2h] Problem with tabular environment

Raphael Clifford raphael.clifford@jesus.ox.ac.uk
Tue, 05 Feb 2002 17:14:16 +0000

I am sorry to trouble you but I have a problem with mathematics in the
tabular environment.  I am new to LateX2html and probably the solution is
well known!

When I use the tabular enviroment in mathematics, the images of the
mathematical symbols seem to be centred vertically within each cell.  
Since these images are not always cropped to the same degree, this means
that in any particular row of the table the symbols will either be
raised or lowered depending on the amount of cropping.  For symbols like
$|X|$ there is a substantial excess area of image below the symbol,
whereas $X$ is cropped very tightly.

A simple example is

(a) $|X|$  & (b) $X^2$ 

The `(a) $|X|$' part is pushed up relative to the `(b) $X^2$' part, 
although they should be lined up horizontally in the table.

I'm using Version 99.2beta8 (1.46) with GIF images 

Any hints?