[l2h] Install LaTeX2HTML on Windows XP

Ulrich Diez ulrich.diez@student.uni-tuebingen.de
Thu, 15 Aug 2002 00:56:38 +0200

Dear LATEX2HTML-installers,

When trying to install LaTeX2HTML on different Windows-Systems
(Win95, Win 98, Win2000, WinXP) according to the manual of
Mr. Luis Seidel, I always made following experience:

Install.bat and Test.bat or image-conversion in general always failed when
a release of ActiveStates ActivePerl newer than build 503 was installed.
Beneath other things, also problems with the numbering of the ps-images

Using the newer builds, e.g. the newest one (633 I think), lead to errors
and failures.
I do not know the reason for this behavior. Nevertheless I thought it was a
good idea to tell this to the newsgroup. Probably somebody else can comment
on this.

When using ActivePerl build 503 I had no problems with long directory-names
or '~' .

Another Problem was that when installing a newer version of netpbm,
png-images were created with some ugly grey backgrounds and black frames.
They also were not placed correctly.

The fix which is offered by Shigeharu Takeno helped. It can be found in the
mailing-list-archive of www.LaTex2html.org ,
Archive: 2002-07,
Message-Id: 200207111112.UAA09178@pc98tak.iee.niit.ac.jp,
Thread: Re: [l2h] Re: l2h and recent netpbm .

Yours sincerely

Ulrich Diez

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> > Thanks a lot. After re-installed MikTeX in another
> > directory with short name, I made one more step:
> > config.bat could read the version of dvips. However,
> > the images still didn't show up. Because of the
> > default setting of the platform, the default value of
> > $TMP in l2hconf.pm is C:\\DOCUME~1\\DANIEL~1\\Temp,
> > which still contains long directory name. So I changed
> > it to C:\\tmp\L2Himg (BTW, I also changed the default
> > image type to gif; default png didn't work either) and
> > ran it in debug mode. I could find that img001.ps and
> > img002.ps were in the temporary directory along with
> > two p*.pnm files and two p*.t00 files. test -debug
> > showed that pnmcrop.exe wanted p*.t01 for image
> > conversion. How do I fix this?
> > My Ghostscript version is 7.03 and Netpbm version is
> > 10.6.
> >
> > Thanks. - Daniel
> Have a look at the thread 'Cannot convert images in test sample file' at
> http://tug.org/pipermail/latex2html/2001-November/thread.html to see if
> that helps at all.
> There have been a number of similar reports but I'm not sure anyone has
> totally solved it as I don't think it's a problem for all Win NT/2000/XP
> users.
> In pstoimgbat is 'my $def_tmp' correct or is it still pointing to
> C:\\DOCUME~1\\DANIEL~1\\Temp?
> In fact I would go through all the *.bat directories in \bin and check
> that the paths there are correct and don't involve ~ .
> Steve Mayer
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