[l2h] Install LaTeX2HTML on Windows XP

Steve Mayer Steve Mayer" <mayer@dial.pipex.com
Wed, 14 Aug 2002 20:27:37 +0100

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> Thanks a lot. After re-installed MikTeX in another
> directory with short name, I made one more step:
> config.bat could read the version of dvips. However,
> the images still didn't show up. Because of the
> default setting of the platform, the default value of
> $TMP in l2hconf.pm is C:\\DOCUME~1\\DANIEL~1\\Temp,
> which still contains long directory name. So I changed
> it to C:\\tmp\L2Himg (BTW, I also changed the default
> image type to gif; default png didn't work either) and
> ran it in debug mode. I could find that img001.ps and
> img002.ps were in the temporary directory along with
> two p*.pnm files and two p*.t00 files. test -debug
> showed that pnmcrop.exe wanted p*.t01 for image
> conversion. How do I fix this?
> My Ghostscript version is 7.03 and Netpbm version is
> 10.6.
> Thanks. - Daniel

Have a look at the thread 'Cannot convert images in test sample file' at
http://tug.org/pipermail/latex2html/2001-November/thread.html to see if
that helps at all.

There have been a number of similar reports but I'm not sure anyone has
totally solved it as I don't think it's a problem for all Win NT/2000/XP

In pstoimgbat is 'my $def_tmp' correct or is it still pointing to
In fact I would go through all the *.bat directories in \bin and check
that the paths there are correct and don't involve ~ .

Steve Mayer