[l2h] newbie question

Darrell dr6583@hotmail.com
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 19:06:40 -0600

> $INIT_FILE_NAME = $ENV{'L2HINIT_NAME'} || '.latex2html-init'
> So to change the default name, you have to set an environment variable
> with name  L2HINIT_NAME .

That worked.

> I don't know why the default file isn't being read.
> Perhaps filenames beginning with '.' are not allowed on your system ?

Apparently so.  I can "rename" a file to .xxxx but I cannot "edit" .xxxx.
Says "bad file name."  Additionally, during installation it appears that NT
parsed .latex2html-init as dot.latex2html-init because that's what was
created initially, hence the need to rename it.

> Use also the  -show_init  commandline switch;
> this will cause the contents of the initialisation file to be printed
> on the "About this Document..." page.
> That way you can see whether the correct file is being found and read.
> (You may also spot a Perl error, that is otherwise eluding your gaze. :-)

I C:ee what you mean :-)

> > 2.  For the life of me I can't seem to customize $ADDRESS.  Changes I
> > in l2hconf.pm (and in the init file per #1) are not being applied.
> Have you included the line:
>   package main;
> in the init-file ?  This may be needed to match the package used in the
> main script, so that your own definitions will override the defaults.

Now that it's reading the init file, it works (even without package main).

> > 3.  This may be a LaTeX issue, not sure, I'm a newbie there too. How can
> > prevent l2h from placing a "contents" entry in index.html.  (i.e.
> > on "next" in index.html just takes you to, well, the contents page.  I
> > definitely want the contents to be there, just not in the list in
> > index.html.
> Show me an example document.
> Where do the  \tableofcontents and \printindex  commands occur
> in your LaTeX source ?

*Now* \tableofcontents appears after the last section of text.  Problem

Thank you for your help.