[l2h] latex2hmlt bombs

Derek D. Martin ddm@mclinux.com
Tue, 8 May 2001 14:18:23 -0400

I created a document in Lyx using Book format, saved it to LaTeX, and
then tried to use latex2html to convert it to html.  It appears to
bomb with this message:

  The newuser.aux file was not found, so sections will not be numbered 
  and cross-references will be shown as icons.
  Unknown commands: textasciitilde geometry

That is, the message suggests (to me) that it completed successfully
("Done.") despite some warnings, but on the other hand there is no
html output.

This is compiled from source and installed on a Red Hat 6.1 system.
Any thoughts?  I don't know TeX/LaTeX at all, so giving me TeX or
LaTeX probably will not help me out at all.

Please CC: me directly, as I am not subscribed to this list.

Derek Martin
Senior System Administrator
Mission Critical Linux