[l2h] Re:l2h] LaTeX2HTML-2K for Win32: thanks, and a question

Chantal Ackermann chantal.ackermann@stud.uni-muenchen.de
Fri, 2 Mar 2001 15:51:51 +0100

hi Ross,

>However, dvips cannot find the image, for it runs when we are still
>one level away. Thus the symbolic link, or copying the images into
>this directory will work.
>(Not on the 1st run of LaTeX2HTML, but on a 2nd and subsequent run,
>after the directory has been created. Make sure you reuse images (the default)
>so that there isn't a lot of repeated processing.)

ok, i did that and dvips works without further problems. but netpbm works only for 
some of the images (dvips finds all of them). for the moment, i cant figure, if there 
could be a difference between the missing eps files and those that are displayed in 
html. Maybe its a font problem. dvips tells, that the font helvetica-narrow 

the netpbm error is the following

pstoimg.bat: Error: rename of "C:\TMP\l2h284\p1104.t00" to "C:\TMP\l2h284
\p1104.pnm" failed: Error while converting image
Error: Cannot read 'img14.png': No such file or directory

though dvips generates an image014 in the directory l2h284.

those images, that are displayed in html, look very fine.

Thanks for your help