[l2h] Re:l2h] LaTeX2HTML-2K for Win32: thanks, and a question

Chantal Ackermann chantal.ackermann@stud.uni-muenchen.de
Fri, 2 Mar 2001 12:49:24 +0100

>>I normally process my LaTeX files to .dvi keeping any included
>>.eps graphics in the same input directory as my .tex source.
>>When converting the same .eps graphics into .gif images,
>>latex2html-2K.1beta is looking for them only in the output
>>subdirectory (where it writes images.tex), not in the input
>>directory. This makes it necessary to copy the .eps input files
>>into the output subdirectory before running latex2html, or to
>>run it with $NO_SUBDIR = 1; (both work around the issue, but 
>>running with the default settings and all of my .tex and .eps
>>files in the same input directory fails because latex2html
>>cannot find the .eps files during the image conversion step).

>Are you using \includegraphics from the graphics/graphicx 
>LaTeX packages ? 
>This has code to take into account that extra directory level. 

>Another way, at least under Unix, is to make symbolic links 
>of the .eps files into the working directory. 
>This is quick and reliable, and takes no extra disk space. 

well, my graphics haven't been processed as well. I have not made any bigger 
effort yet, to search for special changes that latex2html needs and latex dont. i use 
includegraphics with the package grraphixs. i read about the \htmlimage command 
but that wont solve the problem, i guess.

>Yet another way is to set a graphics search path variable. 
>This would depend upon the particular TeX implementation 
>(and also dvips, since both need to find the files). 
>Because of this variability between platforms, there is no attempt 
>to do this by LaTeX2HTML, but you could try it for yourself. 

the message i get, is in fact that dvips could not find the file. it looks for the 
subdirectory path, but certanily in its own directory where dvips.exe is located.
(I tried to put the images in the input directory with the tex files).

>You can set environment variables within the .latex2html-init 
>file for your job. (Certainly this works for Unix; with NT, I don't 
>have the relevant experience, sorry.) 

what exactly should the name of the variable be, so that dvips looks it up?

what  confuses me is, why does dvips find the files when latex is invoked, but does 
not find them running through latex2html? does latex2html bring its totally own latex?