[l2h] Small problems with latex2html

taupin taupin <taupin@lps.u-psud.fr>
Tue, 05 Sep 2000 10:48:01 +0200

1. setting $IMAGE_TYPE = $IMAGE_TYPES[1]  
   to have GIF generated images works is stated in l2hconf.pm
   But, if this is stated in .latex2html-init, only generated images are
in GIF, but local icons are in PNG.

   This is not serious, but tricky if one forgets to send the *.png
icons to the destination web server.
   --> behaviours do not seem coherent. 

2. navigation (with titles, no icons) disappears when "frame" option is
given. Parameter -navigation, -top_navigation, -next_page_in_navigation
in the command line are then inefficient.

   --> how to have navigation titles (next:the-next-name) together with

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