[l2h] newbie, texexpand error

Martin Richter Martin Richter" <mr.fi@cbs.dk
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 14:52:21 +0200

Hi Steve ad others

The idea was worth trying and now it is working. The latex2html bin files is
placed in a folder with over 8 characters so I guess it most be the spacing
there my tex file is/was placed. I'm using Winedt (under win2k SP1) and
using the command, then calling Latex and then the file name="%0 "%N%T"", is
opening the right file without spacing problems.

Thanks for you help

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> OPENING C:\Documents and Settings\fimr\My Documents\Optimering\ugehtml.tex

Just an idea which is worth trying. There is the possibility that the
programs are objecting to the directory name C:\Documents and Settings which
is long, and more importantly, has spaces in it.
Try putting the tex document into a different directory such as c:\texdocs
(or whatever).

I do know that various parts of latex can object to spaces in names, but I
can't be sure that it's the cause of the problem.