[l2h] TexLIve

Horst Leps Horst Leps <horstleps@gmx.de>
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 19:18:09 +0100


I wanted to install latex2html with texlive 5c, but the confiuration failed. 

Any idea?

Horst Leps


config.pl, Release 99.2beta8 (Revision 1.32)
Accompanies LaTeX2HTML, (C) 1999 GNU Public License.

checking for old config file (cfgcache.pm)... not found (ok)
checking for platform... MSWin32 (Windows 32 bit)
checking for C:\Local\Perl\bin\Perl.exe... C:\Local\Perl\bin\Perl.exe
checking perl version... 5.006
checking if perl supports some dbm... yes
checking if perl globbing works... yes
checking for tex... C:\LOCAL\TEX\BIN\WIN32\tex.exe
checking for latex... C:\LOCAL\TEX\BIN\WIN32\latex.exe
checking for initex... C:\LOCAL\TEX\BIN\WIN32\initex.exe
checking for kpsewhich... C:\LOCAL\TEX\BIN\WIN32\kpsewhich.exe
checking for kpsewhich syntax... no, from which planet is your kpsewhich?
checking for TeX include path... NONE
Warning: Will not automatically install LaTeX2HTML style files.
checking for dvips... C:\LOCAL\TEX\BIN\WIN32\dvips.exe
checking dvips version... no
Error: could not determine dvips version
Warning: Will not be able to generate images due to above failure.
checking for html4-check... no
checking for gswin32c... \gstools\gs5.50\gswin32c.exe
checking for ghostscript version... 5.50
checking for ghostscript portable bitmap device... pnmraw
checking for full color device for anti-aliasing... ppmraw
checking for ghostscript library and font paths... built-in paths are correct
checking for pnmcrop... C:\LOCAL\TEX\NETPBM\BIN\pnmcrop.exe
checking if pnmcrop can crop from one direction... no
Warning: Will not be able to generate images due to above failure.
Hint: Get netpbm version 1mar1994p1 (the p1 is important!) to fix this
checking if multiple pipes work... no
Unfortunately multiple pipes are not reliable on this OS.
checking for temporary disk space... C:\WINDOWS\TEMP
creating cfgcache.pm
creating test.bat
creating install.bat
Note: Will install...
      ... executables to   : C:\Local\l2h\bin
      ... library items to : C:\Local\l2h

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