[l2h] description environment

uliw@erdw.ethz.ch uliw@erdw.ethz.ch
04 Mar 2000 13:26:07 +0100

Hi Ross,

thanks for your answer. I couldn't reply earlier.

    Ross> That is the way the browser does it.  The HTML code produced
    Ross> should be:
    Ross> <DL COMPACT> <DT> item name </DT> <DD> rest_of_text </DD>
    Ross> Only if the item name has fewer than 5 characters does the
    Ross> rest_of_text start on the same line.

I looked up the html3.2 and 4.0 definitions, but could not find this
information. Anyhow, my browser insist on rendering the <DD> on a new
line, even if the <DT> contains just two letters. 

    Ross> You may be able to change this behaviour using a stylesheet
    Ross> rule.

yup that is possible. The clean solution would be to use the CLASS or
STYLE attribute, e.g.,

        <DL CLASS=mydefliststyle>

which makes me wonder, whether there is a way to control the
attributes of a DL from within the latex source?



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