[l2h] description environment

Ross Moore Ross Moore <ross@ics.mq.edu.au>
Fri, 3 Mar 2000 07:05:35 +1100 (EST)

> Hi there
> if I use the description environment like
>         \begin{description}
>             \item[hjkh] hjkjhkjhkjhkj
>         \begin{description}
> l2h translates this as
>         BOLD
>           rest_of_text
> instead of
>         BOLD  rest_of_text
> is there a deeper reason behind this? I ask, because the produced html
> looks a bit strange compared to the dvi-version.

That is the way the browser does it.
The HTML code produced should be:

item name


Only if the item name has fewer than 5 characters
does the rest_of_text start on the same line.

You may be able to change this behaviour using a stylesheet rule.