[l2h] using images

uliw@erdw.ethz.ch uliw@erdw.ethz.ch
08 Jun 2000 10:03:56 +0200

>>>>> "Ross" == Ross Moore <ross@ics.mq.edu.au> writes:

    Ross> LaTeX2HTML was developed independently to pdflatex.  Being
    Ross> based upon LaTeX there is an implicit assumption that
    Ross> included graphics will be in .eps form, so that they can be
    Ross> rendered by Ghostscript.

likewise you may trick pdflatex into using eps images instead. Which
can be done using the graphicxs package in two ways,

a) offline, by running  epstopdf on all your eps files to create the
according pdf files. Set \DeclareGraphicsExtensions{eps} for the l2h
run and \DeclareGraphicsExtensions{pdf} for the pdf-latex run

b) let pdflatex do the coversion for you automatically by
using \DeclareGraphicsRule. However, I haven't tryied the latter
solution, but is documented in graphicxs package. Maybe the pdf-latex
list has some information on this too (please let us know).

Bu you are right that having three different incarnations of the same
image (pdf,eps,gif(png)), is a bit clumsy.

Actually, it should be easy to use the pdf format with l2h too, as
newer ghostscript versions (>=5.5) don't bother whether the input file
is in postscript or pdf format. Maybe one can parse
\DeclareGraphicsExtensions, and add a switch to pstoimg?


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