[l2h] Re: Terrible problems with Linux/gdbm

taupin taupin <taupin@lps.u-psud.fr>
Wed, 05 Jan 2000 22:27:53 +0100

Marek Rouchal DAT CAD HW Tel 25849 wrote:
> Dear Daniel,
> instead of complaining and blaming LaTeX2HTML, I'd suggest you check your
> system's setup and see what Linux Kernel version, what Perl version you
> have, what are the differences etc.

Finally, I went out of this nightmare: latex2html 99.2 (beta6) works
fine with GDBM, not with NDBM.
As I said before, this is probably not a bug in NDBM, but a bug in
latex2html tratment of -long_titles, which is IGNORED by GDBM, and
severely disgnosed by NDBM.

> Lots of people have recent Linux distributions (I use SuSE 6.2, based on
> Kernel 2.2.13) and I suppose that lots of other successfully use RedHat or
> Debian with LaTeX2HTML 99.2. Maybe you should try to update packages
> related to Perl, ndbm, gdbm etc. to get a consistently working setup
> again.

Of cours, they work, provided they do not use this feature of
> Another possibility may be to manually change
>   use AnyDBM_File;
> by one of NDBM_File, DB_File, GDBM_File, SDBM_File, ODBM_File
> (see "perldoc AnyDBM_File").

Marek's idea was good but not the proposed bypass. In fact "use
xxx_FILE" has no effect (for an unknown reason... to be invertigated)
and the only I found to force latex2html to use GDBM instead of NDBM was
to eliminate al files of the form *_File.pm, except GDBM_File.pm
(for linux users, easy to find using "locate"). Then everything works

> It seems to me that the configure test passes for you, so I don't see at
> the moment why it should not work with the main script, especially as it
> worked for you before.
The configure test does not try all features used to manage
> Let me add that I am confused about your anger: Your system worked with
> LaTeX2HTML before, then you change your setup while L2H remains the same,
> then it does not work and you blame L2H. I'm inclined to say: "Never
> change a running system" Or in other words: If you change something, be
> sure that you know what you are doing.
> Hope this helps,
> Marek

Suggestion to Ross and Marek: use my test file with AND WITHOUT the
option "-long_titles 8". It will point out some tricks...

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