[l2h] DBM problems

taupin taupin <taupin@lps.u-psud.fr>
Wed, 05 Jan 2000 19:47:16 +0100

After discussion with Marek I have made some more tests:

1. Compiling HUGE scripts (400 kbyte source) works fine with 99.2beta6 +
Perl/ndbm from RedHat 6.1. This explaines why Marek tells me that a lot
of persons have no problem. But...

2. A systematic crash occurs with -long_titles 4 (or 8 or 2).

Therefore, I think that there is a bug in long_titles handling at:

ndbm store returned -1, errno 22, key "" at
/usr/src/l2h-99.2beta6/bin/latex2html line 10582.

This bug if empty key mas NOT detected in previous versions of ?DBM and
it is now detected. However, it has not been notices since very few
people use -long_titles.

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