[l2h] A solution and more problems with W95 install.

Ross Moore Ross Moore <ross@ics.mq.edu.au>
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 22:12:29 +1100 (EST)

> Hi,
> >This seems to be a / vs. \ problem: Did you specify
> >C:/LOCAL/GSTOOLS/GS5.50 manually? It should read
> >C:\LOCAL\GSTOOLS\GS5.50, whereever you have specified it.
> This solved the problem i.e. changing the slashes. Thanks.
> However, I still have problem which may be interesting.
> I cannot get the latex2html to generate images. For example
> images.pl is almost empty. Below is the config.log.
> I suppose the problem is that pnmfile and ppmquant
> cannot be located. One way solving this problem is to install
> netpbm.
> I did that and added it to the path, but latex2html keeps
> on reading everything from the \texmf\miktex\bin
> directory. Indepenent of the order of the directories in the
> path.
> So my question is. Is it possible to force latex2html to
> read netpbm from a certain directory? Or is there another solution?

Definitely, within prefs.pm .

# grep pnm prefs.pm
# bitmap format. The recommended device is pnmraw. ppmraw is ok, too but
# the pnmcrop executable needed for cropping of bitmaps
$prefs{'PNMCROP'} = 'pnmcrop';
# the pnmflip executable needed for flipping and rotating bitmaps
$prefs{'PNMFLIP'} = 'pnmflip';
# the pnmfile executable needed for determining bitmap properties
$prefs{'PNMFILE'} = 'pnmfile';
# the pnmcat executable needed for concatenating of bitmaps
$prefs{'PNMCAT'} = 'pnmcat';
# the one from pnmtopng-2.31
# the pnmtopng executable needed for creation of PNG images
$prefs{'PNMTOPNG'} = 'pnmtopng,pnm2png';

Make those names complete paths.

Everything that CONFIGURE looks for can be overridden
with a customised choice.
This can be done *before* running  CONFIGURE  within  prefs.pm
or *after* having run it, within  cfgcache.pm .

Adopt whatever stategy suits yourself and your installation.

> checking for pnmcrop... C:\TEXMF\MIKTEX\BIN\pnmcrop.exe
> checking if pnmcrop can crop from one direction... yes
> checking for pnmflip... C:\TEXMF\MIKTEX\BIN\pnmflip.exe
> checking for ppmquant... no
> checking for pnmfile... no
> checking for pnmcat... C:\TEXMF\MIKTEX\BIN\pnmcat.exe
> checking for pbmmake... C:\TEXMF\MIKTEX\BIN\pbmmake.exe
> checking for ppmtogif... C:\TEXMF\MIKTEX\BIN\ppmtogif.exe

Verrrry strange.
But it isn't crippling, since you can configure to avoid it.

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore